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  • Yu Tien Springs Vietnam Co.,Ltd base on Taiwan Yu Chun Precision springs co.,ltd with 10 year over of technologies.  Yu Tien auger characteristics, dimensions and specifications:
    Hardness 43±1.5HRc
    Fatigue capability outperforms the best Auger in the wold
    Unbreakable in fatigue oscillator tests. Outlasts 15 year simulation tests
    Surface oxidation resistant oiled finish
    Feed distribution ranges from 500 - 3500 kg / hour.
    For use in Pipe outside diameter: 45 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm, 110 mm
    Coil lengths: various on request.
    Outside, inside, pitch and wire dimensions

    We are selling in Vietnam domestic and export to other countries like Asean, China, India...

    Pls contact with us via hotline: 0969111327
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